As a highly dedicated believer in assisting young artists with their aspirations, talent and knowledge, Jeffrey is focusing on completing his book titled ‘It’s the Art of the Path; A Reality Trip For Spellbound Creatives’. Written as a reflection of the journey he diligently created and followed, it’s informative content is a unification of his experience, advice, thoughts, art and lifestyle, all of which is written with passion and intentions of making a difference in the readers’ perspectives, lives and explorations. Nicely textured with light heartedness and bold statements, this upcoming book will not only strengthen your drive and feed ambitions, it will entertain you in a constructive thinking way.


Extracts from the notes....

~There is a dash of contrary to what I say about the machine. I do believe in a type of machine to depend on. The machine that gives individuals the ride to the sense of gratification and completion. I'll refer to it as the 'Groove Machine'. One that is exclusively at your control and designed to keep you in your groove for forward progress. If you're a starving artist, tend to that machine!

~The grass is not greener on the other side, but it is greener on the outside of your debilitating box.

~I think the most exciting thing about my career is not knowing what will be around a corner. I absolutely love mysterious corners because they intrigue my inner-being. James Kottak (Scorpions) told me today on the phone that he has seen my work all around the world's stages and he values my art. Wow! I do sometimes pay a heavy price with stress and time, but knowing that it's outcome is noticed makes it all ok.

~Mystery is the crest of a green meadow swaying in the breeze. Step forward into your horizons.

~Keep climbing to your peak at whatever cost. You might upset, offend and maybe even stir up bad feelings with others along the way. It doesn't matter, nor should it cause you to slip. Just keep climbing and reach down with a trusting hand and help the good intention climbers up behind you. It was done for me from some extremely kind individuals and highly successful artists that I respect and appreciate. Chain reaction moving forward. Doing all I can to keep that link as I still climb, but deep down I know..... there is no peak to be reached because the peak keeps getting higher. 


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